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Exelero supports dynamic growth of great companies
by unlocking the potential of every member of the workforce.
Build a great place to work with happier people.

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“We want to be the best all-in-one solution to improve people engagement and performance within great companies. We want to unlock the potential of their workforce by also removing internal frictions, with happier and more productive employees.”

Gabriele Borga – Founder & CEO, Exelero

People are the best business plan

Anyone who has built or managed an organization knows that the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful company is primarily the ability to attract, retain, organize and motivate the best employees.

Exelero helps you do it easily and effectively. All your employees will be coordinated, motivated and happier. And your business will grow faster.

Investing in people can be expensive. But how much does it cost not to do it?

Finding and hiring the best talent is a big challenge. But even more difficult is keeping employees inspired, engaged, and aligned with your continually evolving market-responsive, vision-driven strategy.

With Exelero you get better internal communication and delivery of your company goals and strategies, therefore helping managers do their fundamental work, helping you retain inspired and committed employees. Resulting in your organization growing stronger faster.

Help your managers do more coaching without wasting time

Managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement. If managers themselves are not energized and inspired to motivate others, employee engagement efforts are sure to falter.

With Exelero everyone is more involved and managers have a tool to communicate effectively with their team, their colleagues and to manage 1:1s, feedback, objectives, KPIs and much more.

  • SHRM says

    6 to 9 months salary

    the average cost to replace an employee

  • gallup says

    +18% revenue per employee

    with an engaged workforce

  • gallup says

    +27% revenue per employee

    with great managers who know how to coach

So, why Exelero?

Improve productivity

Engaged employees are more motivated excel at their, making them far more productive than their disengaged counterparts.
They find sources of passion for their job, giving them the fire to stay focused and produce high-quality work.

Improve retention

Engaged employees are more likely to stay with your organization. Think of the lost skills, decreased productivity, long talent-searches, and onboarding costs that incur when an employee leaves. Better to keep the focus on keeping your employees happy!

Highly satisfied customer

Engaged employees are committed to delivering quality and excellence because they feel as though they are truly part of the organization. They are connected to the vision and the mission, and have therefore become effective brand ambassadors for the organization.

Attract great talent

Top talent wants to work with other skilled, passionate and positive talent. When they experience that energy in your organization during the interview process, they are much more likely to accept the job offer.

Find-out your growth potential

Faster hiring, higher revenue growth and less turnover. You don’t have to trust our word on this. Gallup reports that highly engaged workplaces see 20% higher sales, 21% higher overall profitability, 10% higher customer ratings and up to 67% lower turnover.

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