People are the best business plan

Recruiters are the heart of every HR team. They are the heroes behind interviews, screenings and e-mails aimed at finding the next talent to bring on board. New talents, new opportunities with new processes.

As recruiter

What problems are you facing?

In the search phase

  • You are having difficulty receiving applications
  • You don't have a management tool
  • You must reply manually to all rejected candidates
  • It takes a long time to align with hiring managers and colleagues

You're looking for

  • A solution that helps you attract candidates in line with your expectations
  • A better way to manage all incoming applications
  • Reducing your time to hire
  • Improving collaboration among people in hiring processes

As recruiter

I'd like to receive more applications for my positions

Job board multiposting

Post your ad on multiple portals, reach a larger audience and increase your chances of catching your team's next talent

As recruiter

I'd like to manage the amount of incoming applications faster

Fast track

Use our functionality dedicated to fast screening of applications just received and delete profiles not in line with your search.

As recruiter

I'd like to be aligned on hiring processes

Collaborative evaluation

Trust our collaborative evaluation system and stay aligned on the progress of ongoing selection processes for the position you're interested in.

As recruiter

I'd like to optimise Time to Hire and avoid hiring errors

Statistics and reports

HR managers are the main business partner for the board of a successful organisation.


Recruiting like an hero

Our free e-book, already downloaded by dozens of HR specialists, is one of the most complete documents on recruiting in recent years.

  • Employer branding
  • Job Description Creation
  • Selection tools and methods
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Are you facing different challenges?

Each team experiences a different moment and faces a unique challenge. At exelero, we want to help you overcome any obstacle holding back your growth

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    Increase participation, collaboration and speed in recruitment processes

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    Hiring Manager

    Keep an eye on the progress of HR processes and plan the future


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