Upgrade your new hire experience

Onboarding is not something that's just nice to have, it's about setting your people up for success.

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This amazing feature is coming!

We developed this new feature by talking to our customers every day. We are finishing the final touches and it will be available soon!
As soon as it is released, Exelero customers will be able to use this new feature at no additional cost. Request more information by talking to one of our product specialists by clicking here.

You will not forget anything

It can be the request for a new PC from the IT department for the new employee, or the preparation of the welcome letter. Exelero reminds the owner of each task all there is to do and when, adapting to the individually tailored onboarding process you create to suit your company.

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Pre-scheduled check-ins and set reminders for new-hires

Make sure everything is perfect in the onboarding process. Thanks to the integration with Exelero 1:1s you can create a recurring 1:1 both with the manager of the new employee and with you.

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Get insight on how to improve your processes

Identify obstacles and pain points across your onboarding lifecycle and build practical solutions thanks to native integration with Exelero Pulse.

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Provide the right information at the right time

Decrease time-to-productivity for new hires and minimize your workload. Thanks to the native integration with Exelero Boards, every new employee can immediately understand the company’s objectives, relevant and recent company & team updates and the performance of KPIs.

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Org Chart integration

Studies show one of the biggest challenges for new hires is learning about their coworkers and who does what.
Thanks to the native integration with Exelero Org Chart, every new employee can easily learn names, titles and understand where they fit into the overall corporate structure.

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