The Exelero manifesto
Our mission is to help all people get jobs, connecting people to better work to create better lives.
This means building and scaling world-class products that enhance the lives of our users, help businesses thrive, and have positive externalities.
It means creating fulfilling jobs that propel our fellows toward becoming their best selves.
And it means being a positive role model that inspires other people and organizations.
The values we strive to embody
Job seeker first
This value is the foundation of our powerful mission statement: we help people get jobs.
When we have to make a choice, we’re less concerned about the revenue impact than the experience for job seekers.
Pay for performance
Our pay for performance value is the mirror image of our job seeker first value.
It’s really how we demonstrate value to customers.
We get paid when we deliver value to our clients and we don’t want to get paid when we don’t.
If we can measure it, then we can improve it.
We test and measure as much as we can, which means conducting hundreds of A/B tests every year along with a whole lot more data-driven experiments.

One thing that being data-driven means is being able to trust that our data is accurate and reliable and also be able to identify ownership for a particular data source.
Customer Experience Obsessed
We try to always be friendly, helpful and genuinely understanding towards customers, job seekers, colleagues and generally towards every stakeholder and do everything we can to leave them happy after every iteration with us.

When a customer or a job seeker needs us, we put what we're doing and our mood into the background: the only goal is to ensure an exceptional experience when interacting with us.

We don't let internal policies ruin our long-term relationship with customers and job seekers and if we find it useful to do so, we don't hesitate to question and improve them.
Long-term orientation and innovation
We're a future-focused company and we seek to optimize with a long-term view, even at the expense of short-term victories, always keeping in mind that sustainable growth and profitability are keys to our long-term success.

We know that innovation is the foundation for our long-term success and, with new competitors popping up all the time, we're more afraid of missing opportunities than making mistakes.
Committed to create a great place to work
Our mission is to help all people find work by connecting them to better jobs to create better lives. To achieve this, we must and want to be the first to be an great workplace that inspires our colleagues to be and become their best.
Social Responsibility
We’re thankful for the opportunities the world affords us, and strive to improve things for others.

We strongly believe that success comes with a responsibility to give back and we are extremely happy to play our part.

We donate a percentage of our revenues to support non-profit associations and initiatives in the territories in which we operate and where we believe that our contribution could be important and we give our customers the opportunity to do the same.
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