Grow faster by empowering a data driven culture

Allow everyone in the company to get an overview of how your company – or individual departments – are performing at any given time and to keep colleagues always up to date.

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Create alignment between people and teams

Keep everyone in the company aligned by seeing the relevant KPIs that are set: those of the company, department and team. Show the progress of the main KPIs to keep everyone motivated, involved and happy while increasing their sense of ownership.

KPIs related to your business strategy. Always up-to-date

Creating a new KPI is very simple and can be done at anytime, anywhere. And is even easier to keep it up to date.

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The true measures of success

Define your governing objective. Develop a theory of cause and effect to assess presumed drivers of the objective. Identify the specific activities that employees can do to help achieve the governing objective. And regularly track the progress.

Working together on the same goals

Achieve more collaboration between teams and departments to move your KPIs forward and achieve business goals.

Don’t miss a thing

Keep track of the “why” behind every KPI value update. Make team retrospectives easier by starting from what really happened and make it easier to plan for the future by simply analyzing the past.

Make your company a great place to work

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Choose and use the best KPIs tailored on your company needs

With Exelero you can define your KPIs and create them easily.
Each team and each department can also easily create KPIs in line with the company’s strategy and keep them updated easily.

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