Tutto inizia da uno straordinario reclutamento

Raggiungi i tuoi obiettivi di assunzione e assumi i migliori talenti. Meno tempo da impiegare in attività ripetitive. La piattaforma di assunzione che nasce dalle esigenze di chi assume ogni giorno.

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Accellera il tuo processo di recruiting

Save time. Organize your hiring flow with customizable pipelines. Quickly scroll through the applications in the screening phase using Fast Track mode.

Improve your employer branding with a customized career site

Tell the talents you are looking for the strengths of your company, your mission, your values and the benefits you offer. With Exelero Recruit you have a beautiful mobile-friendly career site that you can easily customize.

Make your company a great place to work

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Impress candidates with seamless processes

Use efficient templates to create acknowledgments of receipt, invitations and rejections, and have them sent automatically. No more repetitive actions.

Find and attract more candidates

Get your job in front of millions of candidates. All with a single click. With an easy one-click job posting to 200+ sites, Exelero Recruit helps you meet enough great people to choose the best person for the job.

Increase collaboration in the hiring team

Use mentions and tags to involve colleagues and managers in the hiring process, with fully customizable evaluation criteria for each position.

Keep the whole company aligned

Thanks to the native integration with Exelero Boards and Exelero Org Chart, keep anyone within the company updated on the progress of the hiring process. You can also schedule automatic update reports or communicate to everyone the opening of a new position or the hiring of a new colleague.

Other features

Data report

Optimize your recruiting processes through data-based decisions. Access up-to-date analyses such as your time-to-hire.

Job editor

Copy/paste from external editors like Microsoft Word and use the Editor feature to edit styles, bullets and titles of your Job Description.

Quick tag

Add customized tags to candidates. Make them easier to find by creating groups of talents connected by skills or characteristic traits.

Talent pool

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People Platform

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Accellera il tuo processo di reclutamento e porta a bordo rapidamente nuovi talenti.


Mantieni la tua squadra concentrata, impegnata e allineata. Ottenere risultati di business migliori.


Mantieni i dipendenti impegnati e allineati. Anche quando tutti sono lontani.


Accedi a insights sull'esperienza dei dipendenti. Costruisci un meraviglioso posto di lavoro.