Giving people managers the tools to lead

We help growing companies, around the world, drive sustainable growth and success with happier and more motivated people.

Our values

Imagine a workplace...

that inspires and motivates you.

You wake up each morning excited to go to work, with a clear idea of the goals you’re working towards, and a direct path in mind. In this workplace, you understand every leadership decision and how it impacts your activities and your future.

You are encouraged to share your point of view and work in harmony with your peers each day, feeling supported and appreciated and excited about what comes next.

This is our mission.

We believe in technology that’s designed to serve, inspiring transparency and trust amongst employees and company leadership.

If you’re excited to design a beautiful employee experience that moves the needle in your company, Exelero is the HR suite for you.



We are driving people-centric companies to growth, happiness 
and success.

We help HR and company leaders grow their organisation’s performance thanks to employees who are aligned, motivated, engaged, and with a fantastic employee experience. 
With unique software to manage all the people’s activities.

Our values

Meet the team!

Exelero is made up of international makers, trailblazers, and most of all, people lovers.

We understand the challenges of creating a harmonious and aligned workforce, and we’ve built our HR suite around those challenges. We are Exelero.

Stefano Branduardi

Marketing Lead

Angelo Ferrera

Product Lead

Greta Zamberletti

People & Culture Manager

Isabella Trentini

Global Account Executive

Juan Pablo Daza

Web Designer

Jure Bervana Prah

Full Stack Developer

Stefano Bucci

Frontend Developer

Iris Damani

Test Automation Engineer

Alex Puertas

Frontend Developer

From Switzerland with ❤️

Exelero is part of an International group born in 2014 with an annual turnover of $15m+ and over 200 customers in 20+ different countries. Our HQ is in Switzerland!