People Engagement

Set New Employees up for Success with Smart Onboarding Processes

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First impressions count. Now, while new hires will inevitably be trying to make the best impression when joining a company, it’s even more important for the company to make a […]

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8 ways to optimize a job ad

If you have read our guide on “How to write an effective job advertisement” you have probably understood the importance of optimizing ads and learned how to best structure a […]

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Recruiting 3' reading

ATS: What is Applicant Tracking System – And why you need one

In an increasingly specialized and talented world, the work of recruiters is gaining more and more importance. Further increasing the centrality of the trend is the fact that the job […]

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Change 5' reading

How Recruitment is Changing: The Ever-Evolving World of Recruitment

Adapt or die. It’s one of the most fundamental laws of nature and business. When the environment around you changes, it’s imperative that you evolve with it or you may […]

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The 5 questions for a perfect interview

For both the candidate and the company it is essential that the job interview is well managed and well organized. Whether or not the meeting results in hiring or not, […]

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