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We are driving people-centric companies to growth, happiness and success. And of course, it all starts here.

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We’re shaping a better place to work!

We are smart and dynamic dreamers who work hard to help great companies around the world to grow by unlocking the potential of their employees and by improving the happiness of their people.

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We work to build the perfect place to work

Think about a place where you’re really happy to work.
Where you always have a single, big goal in mind and the way to get there.
Where your work can impact thousands of people around the world.
Where you understand every decision that impacts your daily life and your future, you can openly exchange discussions and ideas with anyone.
Where there is meritocracy and everyone’s opinion matters.
This is Exelero.

“Every company has its challenges. However, all companies have some challenges in common: attract, retain, organize and motivate the best employees and this is what we help companies to do, while having fun together ”

Gabriele Borga – Founder & CEO, Exelero

150,000+ paying customers around the globe

No, they are not the customers we already have. Not yet.
But it is the number of worldwide customers that we want to reach, with our vision and with our products, in the next 10-15 years.
This is our BHAG.

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What drives us every day ?

We have chosen our game rules together.

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  • “We push ourselves to imagine the unimaginable from the customer’s perspective”

    Angelo Ferrera Product Lead @ Exelero
  • “Push beyond the expectations. Push for your best self.”

    Dario D’Acierno Product Manager @ Exelero
  • “Think different and develop creative solutions. Making mistakes is better than losing opportunities.”

    Mirko Vatiero Product Designer @ Exelero
  • “Use the market as the starting point to create value. Talk with customers and use the market to create exceptional work.”

    Gabriele Borga CEO @ Exelero
  • “Inspire colleagues. Be a role model. Put yourself in your colleagues’ shoes. Help and share.”

    Valerio Cofano Full-stack Developer
  • “Always use transparent communication. Spread Energy, have Fun, but Work Hard.”

    Greta Zamberletti People and Culture Manager

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