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We create digital products to make working groups within innovative companies happier and more productive.

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We're hiring

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Are you an extraordinary talent and want to leave your mark every day? We're looking for people who know how to move without safety nets.

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Employee package

We make our talents happy

We give you subscriptions for the platforms you use most.

For us it is a choice of life, as well as a mission.

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Some benefits

Growth bonus

We fix milestones for your growth. You'll know what awaits you on your career path.

Complete confidence

Work where you want. We're interested in the expressed value. We're not interested in the physical place where this happens.

Let’s have a good time together

We believe in a cohesive and close-knit team. We'll spend a lot of time together, we must have a good time.

Recharge your batteries

We don't count holidays. Impact, commitment and responsibility are the only metrics we monitor.

Our values

What drives us every day

We have chosen our game rules together.

Put the customers on the top of your head

Think obsessively about customer needs.

Be creative. Imagine the unimaginable to make customers happy. Ask yourself who you're doing it for.

Make an impact

Stay in line with the mission. Ask yourself why you're doing it. Let data guide you. Look for the result. Move quickly.

Hack the status quo

Apply lateral thinking. Quickly try new things and learn fast from mistakes. Making mistakes is better than losing opportunities.

Get out of the building

Always use the market as a starting point for creating value. Interact with customers and get insights from the market.

Build a great place to work in

Always communicate openly and transparently. See opportunities, not obstacles. Have a good time. Celebrate success and milestones. Be positive and spread energy.

Respect each other

Inspire your colleagues. Be a model. Put yourself in the shoes of your companions. Help and share. Show gratitude.


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Want to know us better? We have created a Playbook that guides us in everyday actions.

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We're hiring

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