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We are smart and dynamic dreamers who work hard to help great companies around the world grow.

We believe in unlocking their employees’ potential and improving the happiness of their people.

“Every company has its challenges, yet the difficulties of attracting, retaining, and motivating employees affects companies big and small. At Exelero, we help growing companies take care of their people, from the very first encounter.”

Greta Zamberletti – HR Manager, Exelero

150,000+ paying customers around the globe

No, they are not the customers we already have. Not yet.
But it is the number of worldwide customers that we want to reach, with our vision and with our products, in the next 10-15 years.
This is our BHAG.

Our values.

We’re building the workplaces of tomorrow!

Working at Exelero is meaningful and purpose-driven. By putting people first and striving for excellence, it’s never a dull day at the office!

Our selection process

Our work is intentional and people-driven, and our employees reflect this ethos. Exelero helps growing companies hire the best the market has to offer, so naturally want this too.

Exelero perks...

Unlimited vacation
Growth bonuses
HIgh quality equipment
Smart working
Team building activities
Free snacks and drinks

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