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How to ensure you’re communicating effectively with your remote team

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How to ensure you’re communicating effectively with your remote team imgHow to ensure you’re communicating effectively with your remote team img

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Technology has made it easier for teams to stay productive across borders.

But how can we get our point across clearly, in the absence of non-verbal cues? 

With virtual workplaces continuing to be the norm, here are a few ideas to help you communicate more effectively with remote employees, and ensure everyone is kept on the same page.

The 7 golden rules of virtual etiquette:

  1. Learn to read the (virtual) room

Did you know that 93% of our communication is non-verbal

Be aware of the signals your team is sending. If their body language is shifting, or their heads are tilting, these may be signs that you need to slow down or clarify what you’re saying! 

  1. Tap into your emotional intelligence

It pays to be extra mindful of who else is in the room. 

Are you cracking inside jokes around new team members? This might reinforce feelings of alienation or confusion. 

Use your emotional intelligence as a compass to help you navigate these situations – a little kindness goes a long way!

  1. Be an active listener

When speaking over a video call, avoid multitasking on other projects. This will help your peers stay focused (and feel that their time is being respected!).

Nurture the habit of active listening by responding with verbal and non-verbal signals. Phrases such as: “to clarify…” or “based on what you are saying…” are helpful ways of verifying your understanding. This can iron out any miscommunications!

  1. Respect individuality

We each have different communication styles. Some team members may be more confident than others or simply express themselves differently.  

Recognising and adjusting to each individual will encourage them to speak up!

  1. Establish clear expectations 

Align on which platforms to use for each kind of message so that your team stays organised and on track (our recommendation? less time spent context switching makes for a more productive workforce!).

It’s important to find what works best for your company, and check-in with your employees to see how they’re finding your existing tools and platforms. 

  1. Always assume the best of intentions

Working remotely is new for many of us!

Messages and emails can come across differently without non-verbal cues to help contextualise them, so exercising a little compassion goes a long way (and saves you a lot of worries!).

Always think twice before responding, seek to understand first, and assume the best of the other person. 

Remember that working remotely isn’t about communicating more. It’s about communicating better!

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Written on February 11, 2021

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