How to create a social media presence dream candidates will gravitate towards

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“As new generations of digital natives enter the workforce and Millennials transition into leadership positions, social media will continue to be an employer’s best source for sourcing new talent.”

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Rather than traditional job boards, today’s job-seekers are increasingly likely to turn to social media to land their next opportunities.

If your growing company is struggling to find the right candidate, consider harnessing the power of social media. 

4 few tips to get started:

  1. Talk openly about your company culture 

Star candidates will factor in your company culture before accepting a job, so it’s important to reflect this in your content. 

Maximise the behind-the-scenes capabilities of social media by posting stories, reels, photos, and videos that portray your company in its best light (and in a way that is authentic!). Consider introducing your current employees to your followers, documenting office life, or celebrating company milestones. 

Staying true to your company culture can also filter out those who aren’t likely to be a good fit for your team. 

  1. Encourage employees to become brand ambassadors 

Have you ever been excited about a potential employer, only to read pages of negative reviews from their current employees? 

Look no further than your people to reinforce trust in your company. When it comes to branding your company, there is simply nothing more compelling than “word-of-mouth” marketing from your current team members.  

Encourage them to post about their positive experiences and milestones on social channels, as well as actively networking with potential candidates. You can also organise social media workshops for your teams, to ensure they feel comfortable posting online. 

  1. Actively work on your employer branding

Millions of posts are published every day on social media. Top candidates are likely to scroll right past companies that don’t offer them anything new to think about. 

The best way to engage star candidates? Provide value. Post interesting takes on industry-related issues. Talk about what your company truly values and believes. Share a new perspective on topics that matter to you most.

Top tip: Sit down with your team and think of unique ways you can convey these in the most impactful, and creative way. If you want to stand out, don’t be afraid to speak up! 

  1. Understand where your audience spends their time

Have a clear idea of who your ideal candidates are and where they’re most likely to be active. 

Are the people you want to attract spending their time on Linkedin or Facebook? Where do they go to get answers to their questions? Truly take the time to understand your potential candidates in order to get better results. 

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Written on March 4, 2021

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