ATS: What is Applicant Tracking System – And why you need one

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In an increasingly specialized and talented world, the work of recruiters is gaining more and more importance.

Further increasing the centrality of the trend is the fact that the job market has become much more fluid than before, especially among young people. Most of the world is abandoning the mentality of the “fixed position” in favour of a more articulated and dynamic career.

These factors mean that companies are always on the lookout for the best talent, and on the other hand talents are always on the lookout for the best companies.

The role of the recruiter is therefore crucial.

Recruiter: Main responsablites

Recruiting is a Human Resources function that has the task of identifying and selecting new potential employees.

Among the duties of a recruiter:

  • Write job advertisements
  • Publish them on the various job boards
  • Actively search for candidates
  • Evaluate the CVs received
  • Contact candidates
  • Manage the interview phases with candidates
  • Follow the negotiation with the selected candidates
  • Manage recruitment practices
  • Follow the onboarding of new hires

In short, a recruiter takes care of everything before a person joins the company.

This is very delicate work and requires considerable organizational skills. In the case of large companies, above all, recruiters find themselves having to look for new resources in an endless sea of candidates who send in their CVs every day.

Even the simple scheduling of telephone interviews within the weekly agenda is not an easy job: being able to fit the needs of all candidates and meeting deadlines requires great skills.

To manage all this workload, and to always be prepared, each HR personnel has their own techniques: there are those who manage the entire flow with Excel sheets, those who can take advantage of tracking systems developed internally, and those who rely on an ATS.

What is an ATS?

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a tool that allows you to manage all recruiter activities in the best possible way.

In summary, an ATS allows you to:

  • Publish job advertisements
  • Read CVs
  • Catalog candidates
  • Plan interviews
  • Send and receive emails
  • Manage recruitment flows

All these activities are part of the work of a recruiter and need to be carried out, but having a professional tool like an ATS allows HR to waste less time, automate repetitive tasks such as sending emails and reminders, or post ads on job boards, so they can fully dedicate themselves to other more important activities.

It is not easy to quantify the time saved from using an ATS, but in some cases the speed can increase by up to 50%, making HR more efficient, productive, and motivated.

The ATS module in Exelero

Our ATS module allows you to manage everything directly in the cloud, without having to install anything on your PC and therefore eliminates the risk of losing data. Moreso, since this way you will no longer be bound to a place and a device, the work can be done on any computer, laptop, or smartphone.

At the base of Exelero there is the experience of many recruiters dissatisfied with the instruments they are used to, who have provided (and still provide) valuable feedback. This is also how we are always improving our product.

Exelero has developed many innovative features that make it an excellent product to use. Below are some of them:

  • Quick resume scan
  • Customizable pipelines
  • Publication on many job boards with one click
  • Creation of personalized “Work with us” pages on your site
  • Database of unlimited candidates
  • …and many more!

Writted on August 5, 2020

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