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6 Reasons why a culture of kudos can help you retain top talent

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How growing companies can leverage a culture of kudos to shape a workplace their employees love.

What is Kudos and why is it important?

Giving kudos — or recognising your people for their achievements — is the highest driver of employee satisfaction and retention. 

According to Gallup, “employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year.” 

As organisations scramble to secure the best talent, this simply cannot be overlooked.

Here’s why a culture of giving kudos helps employees feel more fulfilled…

  1. Recognition drives fulfilment, which drives productivity.

Recognising efforts (of all sizes!) makes your people feel seen and heard. And when people feel seen and heard, their workload feels a bit lighter and their jobs more purposeful!

In a culture of kudos, everyone wins. 

A study showed that happy employees are 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. 

When you support your people, they support you right back.

  1. Employees now look beyond financial incentives. 

Money is no longer the sole driver of employee satisfaction.

A company culture where your people feel supported will play a considerable role in keeping them engaged and motivated. 

This resonates even more for value-driven Generation Z, who are known to prefer work that’s meaningful and aligns with their values.

  1. Appreciating small victories leads to bigger wins

Giving Kudos for smaller milestones will help employees stay motivated for larger goals; this is even more important for recent hires!

Acknowledging smaller wins can boost team confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation as they work through the bite-sized tasks that pave the way to greater wins.

  1. Sharing gratitude inspires generosity  

It’s not fear that motivates people to work harder, it’s gratitude.

Expressing your thanks generously towards your team will help build rapport and respect. 

Our advice? Become the kind of person you would want to work with. Celebrate your team’s creativity and show them you appreciate their efforts! 

  1. Giving Kudos at the right time can help lift your team’s mood

A few well-timed words of encouragement can work wonders if your team members are feeling low, frustrated, or overwhelmed. 

Be on the lookout for moments of doubt or defeat.

Cheering on your people when they need it the most will inspire them to keep going. 

  1. Kind words are what we need most right now 

We live in a world where employees are in great need of more compassion, kindness, and empathy.

At Exelero, we want to shape a happier workplace—one that uplifts and energises you. 

We believe it’s important to let your people know that you’re grateful for their efforts, no matter how small the task! 

Interested in creating a culture of kudos within your company? 

At Exelero, we help growing companies create the right environment for productivity, performance, and workplace harmony. 

Our Kudos feature makes it easy to cheer your people on, no matter where they are in the world! 

Book your demo to find out more.

Your company is made of remarkable people—make sure they know it. 

Written on January 29, 2021

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