Attract and find the right people for your business faster. Reach your hiring goals.

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Capture the talents you find on LinkedIn

You find talents, Recruit organises them

With the Exelero Chrome Plugin you'll no longer lose any profiles

On your favourite platforms

Save and import talent from the platforms you use every day

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Job Editor

Copy/paste from external editors like Microsoft Word and use the Editor to edit styles, bullets and titles of your Job Description.

Candidate profile

Give the right space to talents in their candidate profile: skills, work experience, bio, communications. All in one place, without duplicates or confusion.

GDPR management

Swiss security and guarantee, 100% compliance with GDPR regulations. Personal data of candidates and job vacancies are encrypted according to industry standards.


Create and organise your processes

Create customised and automatic processes. No more repetitive actions.

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Custom processes

Create hiring processes and paths with customised steps and save wasted time in repetitive actions.

E-mail templates

Save time with fully customisable e-mail templates. Start from scratch or use one of our suggestions to help you contact candidates.

Quick tag

Add customised tags to candidates, making them easier to find and creating groups of talents connected by skills or characteristic traits.


100 times more effective

Post your ad on over 100 Job Boards. Multiply the spread of your job offer and reach more candidates


Get the candidates to the right place

Make your open positions more visible with a customisable Career Site optimised for search engines

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Apply mobile form

Over 80% of candidates use mobile devices. Through a mobile-first application process, you'll be able to reach them on every device

Live collaboration

Use comments, notes and mentions in real time and improve communication within your hiring team

Cloud architecture

Forget files and saves, everything is always synchronised in real time. From your computer to your mobile phone, without interruption


50% of time less

A recruiter takes an average of 7 seconds to screen a CV for the first time.

With Fast Track you'll spend half that time.



Link actions to specific times and let Recruit perform repetitive and boring actions for you.

Custom notifications

Choose which notifications to receive and which to avoid. Prepare for a hiring without excess communication.

File management

Download your candidates' attachments or upload tests and files you want them to receive.


Engage your team

Interact with colleagues and managers with an ad hoc evaluation system.

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Personal photos

Recognise candidates at a glance through their profile photo

Mentions and tags

Engage your team members, requesting quick feedback with personal mentions and tags

Advanced filters

Search candidates in your archive through advanced filters and multiple options and create custom folders


A data-driven approach

We highlight the data you need to build the most suitable recruitment strategy for you.

Reduce your company's Time to Hire


General statistics

We highlight the data you need to build the most suitable recruitment strategy for you.

Data by source

You understand at a glance the sources the best talents come from. Consider where to invest and choose where to allocate your budget.

Data by position

Analyse data by individual position and compare the performance of multiple positions to evaluate their performance.


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