1:1 Meetings

Better one-to-one meetings

The ideal solution to plan and execute quick and effective 1-to-1s with every employee on your team. Make managers & reports work together on agenda.

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Why 1-1 meetings are crucial to your team’s success

One-to-one meetings are the best way for managers and those who report to them to connect on pressing issues, develop strong relationships, and ensure that employees feel like they’re working toward their goals – current, and long term.

Boost manager-employee relationships

People leave managers, not companies.
Exelero makes sure managers set reachable performance expectations, and provide the coaching needed to help an employee get there. Within the manager-employee relationship, the 1:1 meeting is the best mechanism to facilitate this conversation.

More efficient 1:1s

Focus on what matters most. Coach employees through their most pressing challenges and improve performance in real-time, by easily creating action based OKRs on what you discuss during each one on one meeting.

Make your company a great place to work

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More effective results

Managers & reports can quickly add talking points to the upcoming 1-on-1 agenda, making the face-to-face time more dynamic and focused on solutions. Also available on your smartphone.

Create one or more 1:1 meetings. Individualizing as you go

You can schedule more than one 1:1 meeting for each employee, with different frequencies. For example, you can schedule a weekly meeting with an open agenda and a quarterly 1:1 for more formal assessment. Once again, Exelero adapts to your needs, not vice versa.

1:1s meetings with or without evaluation

Choose if and when to associate a rating grid, with certain parameters, customized by you to cover one or more 1:1s meetings.

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