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People are the best business plan

Less time spent on repetitive tasks. Be the first to reach the best talent. The hiring platform born from the needs of those who do recruiting every day.

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More applications

Post your job ad on more than 100 job sites with one click. Reach thousands of candidates faster.

Employer Branding

Make your Brand known and attract candidates with a Career site optimised for mobile devices and fully customisable.

Engage the team

Improve internal collaboration in your hiring team with continuous feedback, comments and mentions in real time.


Listen to your company

Improve productivity and happiness in your organisation. Share your goals, values and priorities by involving each team member.

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Customised questionnaires

Create and send simple and immediate questionnaires to evaluate alignment and mood for each department.

OKRs and Goals

Set clear business goals shared with everyone. Track your progress and choose your favourite framework.

Analyse the data

See data and feedback by department and make decisions supported by numbers.


More satisfied,
more productive

Improve individual and team performance. Guide the growth of your organisation and people with clear and shared goals.

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Plan individual comparisons. Build a coaching path and focus each meeting on achieving shared goals.

Career paths

Plan and share growth paths for each member of your organisation. Track your progress and areas for improvement.

Team goals

Set goals for each team, track group progress and increase visibility across departments.


Recruiting like an hero

Our free e-book, already downloaded by dozens of HR specialists, is one of the most complete documents on recruiting in recent years.

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  • Job Description Creation
  • Selection tools and methods
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